Nutella Knockout (12 Half Pack)
Nutella Knockout (12 Half Pack)
Nutella Knockout (12 Half Pack)

Nutella Knockout (12 Half Pack)

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Move over Carl's Junior,  Carly Lauren Elias has a new favorite!  Our milk chocolate chip cookie baked with so much Nutella it will bring tears of joy to your eyes.  

Carly is a fan of Halfsies and reached out about us creating a flavor for her.  She definitely has a future in creating cookie flavors, because this one is 100/10.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Liz (Columbia, US)
Best frikin COOKIE evellllllllll

I ate half the halfsies in less than 24 hrs. It hasn’t been a week since I bought them and I have like 2 left. This is addictive; diabetes come to meeee!!!!!! LOL
How good would it be if we get the same combo with CHURRO? Can’t wait :)


These are my all time favorite cookies from halfsies. They are absolutely delicious and the Nutella is on point.

Barry Smithmeister (Hollsopple, US)
This is “the one”

Incredible. I’ve tried a lot of flavors from this company but this was my favorite.

Deb Porter (Truman, US)
Nutella Knockout is the best!

When I bit into the Nutella Knockout, I instantly fell in love with all of that chocolate goodness. As of now, this is my favorite cookie!

George Quinones (Farmington Hills, US)
Ridiculously Delicious!!

I'm a Nutella lover and these cookies hit the spot right on!!

Tracy Kolias (Livermore, US)
One of my favs delicious

These cookies are delicious- sometimes I put them in freezer and still are tasty when I heat up. All the flavors I’ve tried are yummy

Regent Street (Atlanta, US)
Nutella Knockout is great!!!

Amazing flavour!! Once again; Halfsies for the win!


Nutella Knockout for the win! These cookies are so delicious and I love the Nutella flavor. Will repurchase every time.

Meghan (Manor, US)

Delicious. Nutella does not overpower but is, obviously, present.