Honey Cornbread Cookies (12 Half Pack)

Honey Cornbread Cookies (12 Half Pack)

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Our delicious Honey Base with a flour/corn meal mix a vanilla chips.  Delicious. 

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Rey Leon (San Juan, PR)

Out of this world

Dana D. (Wappingers Falls, US)
Never tasted anything like it!! SO GOOD!!

Such a unique flavor for a cookie, I had to try it. It is beyond delicious!! I can't even compare it to anything else. It is just sweet, amazingness in your mouth. Definitely give them a try. I can't wait to try more Halfsies cookie creations.

Andrew (Lockport, US)

Amazing cookies

@checkoutmy_lifesjourney3 (Cortlandt Manor, US)
Made my Bridal Shower the BEST

First a little about me; I’m a part time social media influencer, full time Walmart cashier. I have over 300 followers so it’s getting pretty serious. I contacted halfsies for free cookies for my best friends (and Walmart greeter) bridal shower. Dave was like OMG I would love to give away my living for tens of likes and no additional sales, thank you for this opportunity!!

Just kidding! F U beggars, I hope all the marriages fail 😂😂.

These were so good, possibly in my top three. They should be called honey wheat I think bc that’s the taste I got. Oh and I paid with money.

Krystin (Arbuckle, US)
Honey Cornbread cookies

I really enjoyed the sweet honey flavor and cornbread texture of these cookies. Definitely one of my top favorites!

Jennifer D (League City, US)
Must have!

I keep saying that each cookie I try is my favorite, but when I finally was able to get my hands on this cookie it’s a 20 out of 10! Will definitely reorder this one.

Annette Sanchez (Atlanta, US)
Simply Delicious 😋

Yummy Cornbread Flavor with a Touch of Honey


I love the idea of cornmeal in whatever batter Halfsies uses to make their gold. I can get a meal at Boston Market and replace the sorry ash cornbread they give with this divine cookie. Thank you Halfsies!!

Tessa Arnoldy (St Louis, US)
Good cookies

They are are good cookies, needs more of the cornbread/butter flavor though

Linda B. (Maybrook, US)
Honey Cornbread

Very tasty cookie! Tastes like a butter cookie with a very nice honey flavor. I didn't get any cornbread flavor though. Daughter didn't care for the white chocolate in them, I did..lol. Overall a very good cookie! Will purchase again.