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Gingerbread Cookie (12 Half Pack)

Gingerbread Cookie (12 Half Pack)

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It's Gingerbread, MAAAAAANNNNNN!  We gave gingerbread a shot!  It's a gingerbread cookie with our vanilla chips.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle B (Walkersville, US)
Yummy Christmas cookies

These cookies are fantastic! They’re super delicious and soft - reminds me exactly of gingerbread cookies. The owners are awesome too!

Damar Osika (Monroe, US)
Gingerbread Cookies

Everyone raved over the gingerbread cookies! Janene warmed the cookies - I’ve never done that before but will in the future! Thanks, Dave “halfsies cookies” were the hit at the Thanksgiving table!


Soooooo delicious

Sharon B. (Ridgewood, US)
A wanted Gift.

I gave these to my son in law and grandchildren last year and all my grandkids said was can we get more this year, they were delicious. I brought them down today so will be having them for desert tonight and I’m sure they’ll be enjoyed as much as last year. Everyone who I have gifted Halfsies cookies to have loved them.

Cierra Hunt (Cumming, US)
Best cookies on the planet

Every year I buy these gingerbread cookies and gift them to friends and relatives! If you like gingerbread, you will DIE when you have these. I literally can’t get enough. They are my absolute FAVORITE!!

Bonnie Quinlan (Petersburg, US)

Absolutely love Gingerbread! so tasty

Scott (Yonkers, US)
Christmas in my mouth

These are one of the best flavors of you like gingerbread to begin with (and if you don’t why are you even on this page? Monster) They are perfect as a side dish for holiday desserts.

Stephen Tellier (Buzzards Bay, US)
The best

Easily the best gingerbread cookies I have ever had. Also probably my favorite cookie so far at halfsies. My fiancé and I are addicted

Kim Vesley (New Windsor, US)
Gingerbread cookies

They were amazing!!

Danny Martinez (Chicago, US)
Thee best!!!

This holiday season I couldn't find any gingerbread cookies anywhere!!! Thankfully halfies just stocked theirs, and boy was I satisfied!!!! Highly recommended before the holidays are over