Gingerbread Cookie (12 Half Pack)

Gingerbread Cookie (12 Half Pack)

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It's Gingerbread, MAAAAAANNNNNN!  We gave gingerbread a shot!  It's a gingerbread cookie with our vanilla chips.

Customer Reviews

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Gennifer Strobo (Gibsonton, US)
NEVER a bad flavor

Seriously the cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg flavors all came through n this cookie and I can only say that EVERY flavor has the most amazing texture. Crispy edges, chewy insides. DONT sleep on any of them.


One of, if not THE Best cookie Halfsies has ever made! Always ship fresh in vacuum sealed package. Heat ‘em up and their “right from their oven!” So VERY good Every.Single.Time. Thank you Halfsies!

Dan Gastin (Syracuse, US)
I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Gingerbread Cookies!

Another great order of delicious cookies from Dave and the Halfsies Cookies team!

Jenny Rush (Portland, US)
A well received gift

I sent a variety of Halfsies to family to celebrate the holiday season. They were a total hit! Everyone loved them. Thank you!

Caroline Smith (Clarksdale, US)
Amazing per usual

The best cookies hands down. The ginger bread will make a believer out of someone who doesn’t even prefer the flavor- promise! AMAZING AS ALWAYS!


I have tried quite few varieties of the greatest cookies on the planet aka Halfsies, but these Gingerbread Cookies might be my all-time favorite from them. Dave and his team are so very interactive with their customers, and their service is second to none! Job well done, Halfsies. Job well done.

Kristin (Columbus, US)
OMG this is the best gingerbread cookie in the world!

Our whole family, the teachers we shared with, and friends we shared with LOVED this cookie. It's absolute perfection. A must-try for sure.

Michelle B (Walkersville, US)
Yummy Christmas cookies

These cookies are fantastic! They’re super delicious and soft - reminds me exactly of gingerbread cookies. The owners are awesome too!

Damar Osika (Monroe, US)
Gingerbread Cookies

Everyone raved over the gingerbread cookies! Janene warmed the cookies - I’ve never done that before but will in the future! Thanks, Dave “halfsies cookies” were the hit at the Thanksgiving table!


Soooooo delicious